How’s the training going? Nutrition on-point?

Or to put it another way: have you shifted that fat yet, or built that muscle you’ve been dreaming of for so long?

Let’s face it: most of us are dissatisfied with our progress from time to time. Even when things have been going great for a while, we can still plateau. Which is why even an expert trainer will re-evaluate their program periodically.

As a fitness professional, I find it frustrating to witness people doing the same old thing month after month, year after year, while constantly expecting something different to happen.

Certainly, if you’re one of the lucky few who’ve succeeded in reaching their fitness goals, and you’re simply maintaining what you’ve got: fantastic!

But how many of us can actually say that? Especially when the reality is usually a feeling of disappointment that we still haven’t gotten to where we want to be?


Why Is Failure So Acceptable?

Okay, so I know many people will argue that failure to reach one’s goals isn’t something we ought to meekly accept.

And yet we do, all the time; particularly when it comes to our health and fitness.

Who really expects to get their beach-body in time for the summer holidays? And New Year resolutions are practically made to be broken, right?

This expectation is practically hard-wired into us!

Perhaps that’s why so many of us resort, out of desperation, to fad-diets with questionable marketing strategies; promising quick-fix solutions and super-fast transformations.

We all know they’re too good-to-be-true, but the industry is still doing incredibly well and only getting bigger.

When everything we try, ultimately fails. Or when what was initially working, stops. It’s only natural that confusion follows.

But it really doesn’t have to be this way.


How to Break the Cycle:

Quite simply: do something different.

“But What!” is usually the next question.

And I get it. Because most people who’ve been training or dieting for any length of time, will eventually hit a wall and struggle to progress any further.

However, the most common denominator is that they haven’t re-evaluated what they’re currently doing; their methodology and overall strategy (if one even exists). In other words: is it still effective, and when was the last time (if ever) it was.

I appreciate how daunting a task it is: attempting to wade through the plethora of conflicting information on every single facet of nutrition and exercise, looking for something to get you back on track. It’s nothing short of a minefield!

But, before you even think about embarking upon a new strategy, you simply must gain an understanding of where you are right now, and why it isn’t working.

I can’t stress enough how important this part is. Otherwise, all you’ll be doing is rolling the dice and hoping for the best. I don’t know about you, but I’m not prepared to waste a moment of my time on anything without a good reason for doing so.

The very best way to achieve clarity and understanding is to consult a professional. Someone who’s been where you are and found a way through. Not only that; they’ve helped many others to do the same.


How to Choose the Right Help:

What exactly makes a good coach?

Firstly, make sure you have direct access. You can’t possibly hope to get a personalised assessment or program from someone you can’t even speak to.

Secondly, what’s their own journey and have they overcome any of the challenges you currently face? Feel free to ask any prospective coach about their background, experience and of-course, qualifications.

Next comes rapport. Are they easy to talk to and do they actually take the time to listen to you? Honestly, you’ll know if someone is being authentic.

Finally, and I know this may sound obvious, but can they offer you a realistic solution? Not just a generic one-size-fits-all program; an actual bespoke strategy that takes into account your unique set of circumstances.

When all of these elements are present, you can be confident that you’ll be getting the best possible guidance.


Are You Ready to Get What You Want?

Then what are you waiting for?

Don’t spend another minute in frustration. Take a look at what your doing and ask yourself:

  • Am I on the optimum program?
  • Could I be training more effectively?
  • Is my diet really on-point?
  • Am I ready to do what it takes?

If you’re unable to answer any of these questions with absolute certainty:

Get help; ask a Coach for a FREE review!

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