Online Coaching

What is Online Coaching?

Online Personal Coaching is a fantastic and affordable way to get access to expert coaching and a bespoke nutritional plan.

Whether you have a gym membership, or want to work-out from home; there are effective exercise strategies to help you reach your goals.

Online Personal Coaching allows you to connect with the right coach for you, no matter where you are. So now, it really doesn’t matter if geography makes it impossible to connect in-person with the expert who truly understands your situation.

How does it work?

Firstly, I only work with a limited number of clients at any one time.

The reason being: I genuinely want to help people achieve the change they truly want and deserve; and I am not prepared to dilute the quality of service I provide.

My Online Coaching isn’t simply a cut-n-paste version; whereby you get a generic workout and/or meal-plan.

I spend time making sure that you receive a custom-made approach and a nutrition plan that both suits your goals and is sustainable for the long term.

We begin by having a chat over the phone, to discuss your goals, current diet and exercise habits, etc. I’ll then send an online questionnaire that goes into more detail.

I’ll then conduct a diet and lifestyle analysis; working out the best approach for you as an individual. This will NOT be exactly the same for everyone.

Once you receive your plan, I’ll be there every step of the way to guide and support you.

Support & Accountability

Rest assured: we’re in this together!

As well as having access to me: we’ll have regular coaching calls and check-ins to monitor your progress and make adjustments where necessary.

You’ll record your daily food intake and I’ll provide the accountability to help you stay on target.

We can track habits and build strategies to overcome emotional connections to food that may be holding you back.

Simply changing behaviours and mending self-limiting beliefs, can be the catalyst for enormous change. This is where coaching truly shines!

To hire me as your dedicated On-line coach, starts at £125 a month. There are no contracts and you can cancel at any time. Payments are made at the beginning of each month.

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