12-Week Body


The ethical, realistic way to re-boot your health and fitness; transforming your body in 12 weeks:


What’s the number one reason you haven’t yet achieved your body-transformation goals?

Believe it or not, most people aren’t able to answer that question.

And that’s completely normal:

Because if you knew what was holding you back, you could fix it!

Well, maybe. It’s not always that simple.

We all pretty much know that we’d be a whole lot slimmer, fitter, healthier and firmer; if we ate better and found the right level of exercise, right?

Implementation is Key:

Ultimately, it’s how you put all the elements together in a way that suits you personally, that really matters.

You see, we’re all different, with our own unique set of circumstances:

  • Existing Situation
  • Current Capabilities
  • Available Resources
  • Past History
  • Level of Knowledge
  • Self-limiting Beliefs
  • Bad Habits.

You can’t possibly expect a one-size-fits-all approach to work for everyone. And that’s why you need a custom-made transformation blueprint that removes those obstacles that stand in your way.

Knowing HOW to implement the changes you need is the KEY to your success.

It’s easy when you know how. But that knowledge can take a lifetime to acquire.

Support & Accountability:

Imagine what it would feel like, being able to consistently self-motivate and make regular healthy choices that support the lifestyle you want?

The reason why this is often difficult to achieve is that you’re a victim to any number of long-standing habits and beliefs that don’t serve you well. In fact, they damn-well sabotage your best efforts!

This is where the true value of Coaching lies. Learning what is holding you back and discovering how to overcome self-limiting beliefs to create brand-new habits.

The Coaching you receive within the 12-Week Transformation Program delves deep into this area, providing SupportEncouragement and Accountability exactly when you need it.

12 weeks is the perfect length of time to effect enormous change and build a whole new set of habits.


What use is a transformation without education?

The very best way to guarantee long-term success and maintain your achievements is by understanding how it all works:

Having a reason and purpose for everything you do and understanding why it’s right for you!

At the end of our 12 weeks together you will have a whole new level of knowledge and understanding.

You’ll have control over your decision-making process, and new habits that reinforce your fantastic choices.

Is This Program For You?

It could be. We’ll need to have a chat first; to see if you’re ready to make a life-changing transformation:

For a powerful transformation to take place, you have to be ready.

The 12-Week Transformation Program takes commitment, focus and a real desire to improve your health.

This journey can be a lot of fun and includes:

  • Lifestyle Analysis
  • Exercise & Nutrition Plans
  • Behaviour Change Strategies
  • Habit Building
  • Overcoming Self-limiting Beliefs
  • Mindset Training
  • Coaching Calls
  • Tracking
  • Long-term Maintenance Strategy……

……and more!

There are two levels to this program: online and in-person; depending upon location. The results will be equally powerful.

Is Age a Barrier?

No, absolutely not!

We all have enormous potential. What that means to each of us will be different. However, it’s always achievable if you put in the work.

Are their some limiting factors that apply because of age. Some, but a lot less than you may think.

Regardless of age, we still have a Maximum Natural Potential that can be obtained. Why would anyone want to settle for a life that’s anything less?

The reason is belief:

You feel you don’t deserve to get what you want or you don’t believe it’s possible.

I share neither of those beliefs and would love to show you another way.

If you are open-minded enough to consider the possibility of living a different way; that you can achieve your Maximum Natural Potential:

Contact me today and let’s re-write the rule-book together.

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