Who I am and What I do.

Hey! I’m Phil Griffiths (PHC, PNLP, DipHYP, Level 3PT) and I help women and men transform their lives by achieving new levels of health and well-being. My clients overcome feelings of self-doubt, hopelessness and frustration to achieve their Maximum Natural Potential – regardless of age.

More accurately, I help people to help themselves. Because, long-term success only happens when individuals gain the skill and knowledge to take ownership of all their choices.

Who I Work With.

Simply put: people who yearn for a better quality of life and want to optimise their health and fitness; before it’s too late.

My clients have had enough of fad diets, food-industry misinformation and fake products. If a lifetime of accepting conventional wisdom hasn’t gotten them to where they want to be, then they instinctively know it’s time for a different approach.

That’s why I especially love working with the over-40s: They’ve had enough bull, and are ready to make a meaningful investment in their own future. They don’t want to waste any more time, and are highly motivated.

I’m Here to Help.

As a Personal Trainer Health Coach, I educate, support and guide people towards their goals; becoming able to make smart choices in terms of food, exercise and lifestyle. It’s all interconnected!

But you don’t have to pay me to get all this information; it’s already out there, for free. I believe so much in giving others the same opportunity I’ve had, I’ll tell you exactly where to look and it won’t cost you a thing.

How do I run a business with this attitude?

Easy; by being open and honest. You see, it’s far more important, in my opinion, to get the message out there and show people that you really can have improved health and well-being; so long as you’re willing to look outside the proverbial box.

I’ll happily show you where to find all the information you need and wish you every success.

Why would you choose to work with a coach?

Good question. If you can find everything you need on the interweb, then why not simply do-it-yourself? The answer usually contains a combination of three words: motivation, accountability and support. And let’s be honest: if it was that easy, you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

Let’s face it, a lifetime of unhealthy choices isn’t so easy to rectify. There are literally thousands of reasons why we do what we do, and emotional connections to food and exercise create habits that are difficult to break:

Believe me, I know only too well!

This is where I come in.

I won’t promise you a magic pill, or some quick-fix secret. Instead, I will educate you about healthy living, the Primal way. I’ll show you how to optimise your life; making healthy choices about food, exercise and lifestyle. You will discover a strategy that enables you to take back control: a sustainable blueprint that’s not based on hardship or deprivation.

It never fails to excite me.

Because I’ve been there, and I want so much for you to experience the changes I have.

Trust me, I know what it’s like to have an unhealthy relationship with food:

  • Seeking comfort in sugary snacks
  • Relying on a nightly glass of alcohol to unwind
  • Equating calories with reward
  • Focusing too much on what the scales say
  • Hating what I saw in the mirror.

Personally, I always loved to exercise, but constantly sabotaged my best efforts with less than optimal food and lifestyle choices. Worse still, I tried to out-train a crappy diet, which contributed to regular bouts of burnout; culminating in illness.

In other words: I was abusing my body and simply treading water!

At this point I was 46 years old and suffering chronic joint pain, especially in my knees. I was constantly tired, usually wiped-out by mid-afternoon, and frequently hungry. I hated how my body looked; pining for ab-muscles, while being resigned to a lifetime of seeing a swollen belly every time I caught sight of my reflection. I could also guarantee being ill every few months; regular as clockwork.

In short, I dreaded getting older. I was absolutely terrified of becoming ever more infirm as my joints deteriorated and my energy dwindled. I honestly didn’t know how many ‘good’ years I had left in me.

Then one day I decided I’d had enough. I was damned if I was going to meekly drift into old age without putting up a bloody hard fight.

It’s a good job I’m stubborn.

I’m not kidding. I’ve always struggled to ‘do what I’m told’; at least without a good reason.

And it’s worked well for me, as the best things in my life have all involved an unconventional approach; what others have typically advised against.

So, I figured I’d use my ‘superpower’ once more, and start doing things differently

I reasoned that as I was pretty much following conventional wisdom, in terms of nutrition and exercise – the kind of stuff that’s been peddled by so-called experts for years – then it must be time to throw away the rule-book and take an alternate route.

One quick interweb search later: ‘ripped dudes over 50’ and I was reading all about Mark Sisson and the Primal Blueprint. Within minutes I’d ordered the book. Within days I’d lowered my carbohydrate intake to a sensible level and all but eliminated my consumption of unnecessary sugar and processed foods.

This wasn’t just some fad. This stuff made sense and I could feel a difference! And so, I set about making some changes, with a resolution to commit to them:

  • I transitioned to a Primal way of eating (it’s NOT a diet!)
  • I exercised LESS
  • I paid more attention to sleep
  • I took regular ‘movement breaks’ throughout the day (not exercise!)
  • I severed the emotional connection I had to food
  • I stopped eating the foods that harmed me
  • I made conscious lifestyle choices around core principles.

Surprisingly, it was pretty easy. Within a very short time I noticed that my joint pain had vanished. I was more relaxed, sleeping better, and not only did I have more energy, I was never hungry.

Soon, I was fitter, stronger and had lost pounds of body-fat without even trying. In fact, the best part of my journey was that it never felt like a chore.

Now in my Fifties…

I find myself fitter, stronger and healthier than I’ve ever been. It’s amazing! I never would have thought it possible to improve with age, and to the extent I have.

The few adjustments I made have increased my quality of life exponentially:

  • I can think more clearly
  • I sleep more soundly
  • My life choices enhance my health, not hinder it
  • I have less pain every day
  • I have so much energy.

The list is endless, and I’ll tell you something else: I even save money on food shopping!

Why I became a Coach:

In short, I was sick and tired at the amount of misinformation surrounding diet and fitness:

  • That you must suffer to get results
  • That diets should be high in carbohydrates for energy
  • That eating less and moving more was the key to weight loss
  • That eating copious amounts of wheat, grain and vegetable-oils was healthy
  • It’s all about calories in, versus calories out
  • That starvation and deprivation is all a part of the process
  • That supplements and/or drugs were a necessity.

All the time I was reading endless reports on rising obesity rates, while people were still being steered towards diets laden with sugar and highly processed foods. I saw friends and family suffering from ailments such as Coeliac Disease, Colitis, and type-2 diabetes; who weren’t given any meaningful nutritional options by healthcare professionals who were either ignorant, or tethered to outdated guidelines.

It almost felt as if I didn’t have a choice. And so, I followed my heart, and left a 27-year career in the public sector.

My client base now consists mainly of people over-40 who want to achieve their Maximum Natural Potential and don’t believe that age is the barrier it was once believed to be.

I also work with some amazing younger people who want to set themselves up for a healthy old age.

Being realistic, age can present some limitations, but far less than you may think. It in no way prevents you from being the best you can possibly be, right now.

I talk a lot about Natural Potential for a reason!

Let’s talk!

Getting in touch costs nothing; it’s also the first step towards getting what you want.

Contact me if you’re ready to change.