Over 40? Want a Better Body, Inside & Out?

Age is nothing but a number, a STATE of MIND that can be actively enhanced. Say goodbye to limiting beliefs & old ways of thinking that are holding you back. If you want MORE from your BODY, then you are in the right place!

Why Primal 40?

Short answer: because I get it!

I’ve been where you are now: over 40 – or with at least one eye on that milestone – and struggling to find a way of eating and exercising that not only gives you the body you want, but also allows you to keep it, indefinitely.

The great news is that I eventually found a way to get everything I wanted. Now in my fifties, I’m fitter, leaner and healthier than I’ve ever been. I was able to:

  • Lose fat at will
  • Build muscle at the same time
  • Improve overall fitness and body-composition
  • Say goodbye to chronic joint-pain.

What’s more:

  • I never ever struggle with hunger or cravings
  • I have an effortless relationship with food (I love food)
  • I sleep better than ever
  • My energy levels are off the chart
  • Eating healthily is cheaper than you think
  • I’m not a slave to an unrealistic exercise regime.

All this has meant that I’ve achieved a level of balance in my life that I’d never have thought possible. It’s been life-changing!

I started Primal 40 to enable people like you to skip all the trial, error and confusion, and cut straight to getting results.

Diets aren’t the answer: sure, the food we eat is an important component. But, you can’t neglect the psychological reasons why we make the choices we do.

As a qualified Personal Trainer, Health Coach & NLP Practitioner, I have all the skills necessary to guide and support you towards a sustainable lifestyle for better health and fitness.

Online or 1-2-1 coaching options are available; supported by Primal 40’s very own App.

To find out more: Let’s chat.

Ready to Be Amazing

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