Pride comes before a fall: Self-Esteem happens when you get back up!

As a coach, one of the biggest obstacles that I help my clients to overcome is a lack of self-esteem.

Of-course it makes sense when you consider that most people who embark upon a transformation are not happy with various aspects of their lives.

It’s all bound up and made more complicated with notions of self-confidence and what that actually means.

Now, I’m not a proponent of the concept of Fake it ‘til you make it’. Sure, it’s based upon the idea that behaving a certain way for long enough can help rewire the brain, as you adopt different character traits; in this case those of confident people.

The problem with this is that what actually constitutes confidence is often subjective, and certainly not to be confused with ‘alpha-behaviour’ or arrogance; which is what a lot of this stuff is modelled upon.

Why Pride is an Illusion.

As the old saying goes: Pride Comes Before a Fall.

This is because Pride is generally viewed as being linked to Ego and egos are fragile. In fact, a towering ego can be incredibly easy to topple.

Image over substance?

Yes, of-course it isn’t always the case. But, in general, Pride is linked to self-image in a way that isn’t always viewed as entirely positive.

What’s more, Pride that’s purely image-based and dependent upon the perception of others is without any substance. Why do you think that materialism is practically a 21st century religion?

Perhaps the best way to separate the two is by thinking of Pride as being a predominantly superficial trait, whereas Self-esteem goes much deeper.

So, if it is a case that Pride comes before a fall. Then:

Self-Esteem Happens When You Pick Yourself Up!

You see, Self-esteem is something that goes far deeper. It’s evidence-based, in that it’s built upon a knowledge that you are capable of great things. This knowledge is founded upon experiences – often challenging – that you’ve overcome within your life.

People who lack Self-esteem, feel as though they lack evidence to the contrary.

Sometimes this is based on a reluctance to push oneself beyond a comfort-zone; thereby never facing challenges or fears that can be conquered. Most often it’s due to an inability to recognise and acknowledge personal achievements.

Self-Esteem is an Internal Energy that Projects Externally:

Think about it this way: if you are completely comfortable in your own skin; sure of your capabilities and unafraid of life’s ability to kick you in the nuts on a regular basis; then you exude an unmistakable air of confidence that’s impossible to miss.

What’s more, this is all completely natural and requires zero effort on your part.

How to Build Self-Esteem.

Even if your confidence at the moment is at rock-bottom, you can begin to build your Self-esteem today.

All you have to do to start, is take something you normally do, but do it 5% better, or take it 5% farther than you previously have.

Take Control of Your Destiny.

Remember that Self-esteem is built upon evidence; evidence of your capabilities. Therefore, you must test yourself and go farther than maybe you’ve ever gone before. You must also do so voluntarily.

It’s one thing, reacting to a crisis and feeling as though you survived. But to place yourself in a challenging situation, by choice, just to prove you can overcome it: that’s where you really begin to grow as a person.

And this is where the pain comes in. You can either play life as safe as you can. Or you can embrace a certain amount of hardship, get right outside of your comfort zone, and build your confidence and grow that Self-esteem to epic proportions.

In my opinion, Self-esteem and confidence can’t be wished into existence or built upon wishy-washy mantras. Reciting something to yourself a thousand times doesn’t make it real.

For it to be completely authentic, it must be built upon fact; meaning via experience. Any kind of confidence that’s without foundation is weak.

How is This Relevant to Health & Fitness?

It’s the most basic place to start.

Any kind of development is the result of adaptation. Both body and mind – including the subconscious; the place where our identity and core beliefs dwell – can be forced to adapt by handling a progressive load.

Paying attention to your body by increasing strength and fitness will automatically give you a greater sense of well-being. As you push your body to adapt, you experience the evidence first-hand: cause and effect; effort to outcome.

So, while you train your body to get stronger and more resilient; your mind also accepts this equation in a wider sense as the evidence mounts and you witness the results of your hard work.

For many this is life-changing; leading to lifelong journey of discovery and personal development.

Will it be comfortable? No. And neither should it be, because growth happens beyond our comfort zone.

Is it addictive? Damn straight! Why would you ever get tired of personal development?

The Question Now Remains:

Are you ready to grow your Self-Esteem, build your Confidence and Transform your body and lifestyle?

If your answer is YES! Then I’m going to set you a task:

Think of 10 ways in which a new confident you, brimming with Self-esteem, WILL experience life in all it’s glory. How will you act, how will you be, how will you feel?

New You, New Life.

Let me know what you come up with.

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