Health Coaching

All coaching packages are designed around the philosophy that a well-rounded life is the key to optimum health.

It’s no good eating properly, and then surviving on 3 hours sleep per night. And an active, fulfilling life is unrealistic without the ability to manage stress.

It’s all inter-connected, which is why I emphasise a sustainable, realistic approach that creates balance in your life. If you want a short-term quick-fix diet to rapidly shed weight, then you’re better off looking elsewhere. But, if you want the key to long-term control over your body, with the ability to lose excess pounds and thereafter sustain your body’s optimum weight; you are where you need to be!

Distance is no object. Most of my clients connect with me online, or via Skype/phone/face-time. This flexibility adds yet another dimension of availability.

My coaching packages are immersive; they require hard work; and I’ll expect a lot of commitment from you. Which is how it ought to be, because without personal investment, there is no compulsion to succeed.

I will be with you every step of the way with guidance, support and accountability. In fact, I’ll be deeply committed to you throughout our time together, because I want nothing more than for you to get the results you want. Whatever package you choose, you’ll receive:

  • Weekly coaching sessions via phone/skype or in person (location dependent)
  • Reading material to build your knowledge
  • Daily e-mail support, where you can ask me anything, or just check-in for some quick encouragement and guidance (guaranteed to reply as quickly as possible, allowing for some time-difference).

The only real difference is our length of time together, which dictates how deep we go into each area:

  • How to eat for optimum health
  • How to make great food choices
  • How to properly understand food labels
  • How to hold yourself accountable
  • How to easily manage cravings
  • How to maintain optimum weight or choose to lose some extra pounds
  • How to manage stress and understand the mechanism behind it
  • How to prime yourself for better sleep
  • How to avoid self-sabotage
  • How to build new, beneficial habits
  • How to break negative emotional connections to food
  • How to exercise smart, without making it a chore
  • How to involve play and recreation into a healthy lifestyle
  • Understanding limiting beliefs and how to overcome them
  • and, much, much more.

Some people find it easy to form new behavioural habits and routines; requiring only education and support. While others recognise that their process takes longer, and understand that the long-term benefits are worth the extra investment.

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